Educator, Researcher, New Media Producer & Digital Specialist

Throughout Marni Wedin’s 17-year career in television, digital media, print and media relations, she has written and produced over 1,500 episodes of lifestyle and documentary content, had a regular column profiling artists for an international publication, and created a television department from the ground up.

She has contributed social media, communications, and content strategy to brands such as Rogers, CHUM, Telus, Citytv and CBC. Key projects have included developing Telus’ first responsive website and a social media platform—StoryHive—that provided community members with production funding.  As an early adopter of social media, previous media coverage and appearances include engagements on Talk 1410, BC Business, and Business in Vancouver.

She also holds a master’s degree in communication and is an active member of the International Association of Media and Communication Researchers. Past research involved investigating how change agents on the Downtown East Side engaged with social and alternative media to achieve social change goals.  She currently teaches digital communication part-time at both Royal Roads University and Simon Fraser University.


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