Trends in Adult Education (a VCC PIDP 3100 assignment)

Trends in adult education seem to be very related to the emerging role of the adult educator with online discourse suggesting that education will see an upswing in elearning, social media, effective instruction, and mobile learning options. Because more and more learners already engage online, institutions that offer elearning opportunities will be on the rise to capture that market niche (Wellham, 2014; NMC, N.D.; Quinton, 2013; Pappas, 2013).

In addition, because students are also already spending vast amounts of time online interacting in social media networks, the education industry will see a rise in educators who integrate social media platforms into the learning activities both online and offline (Morrison, 2013; Gikas & Grant, 2013).

Furthermore, with tuition costs on the rise, students are also getting savvier and expecting more from teachers-professional credibility will count just as much as educational degrees (Quinton, 2013; Wellham, 2014).

Lastly, today’s young adults have grown up with mobile technology (Turkle, 2012) and expect to be able to incorporate mobile devices into their learning experience (Gikas & Grant, 2013; Quinton, 2013).

Overall, educators roles are shifting to embrace technology and to better demonstrate their value to students.


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